Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy


At APPELLES we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We are aware of the growing eco-consciousness of consumers and the changing values in the skincare industry as a whole. We strive to accommodate these values by considering the impact every aspect of our products have on the environment. We are committed to becoming more sustainable with every step of our growth, which is why the packaging is consistently reviewed as well as the ingredients we work with, to ensure all our products are as eco-responsible as possible.

These are the things we do to make a difference:

- Advocating cruelty free products. We do not test on animals.

- Developing paraben free formulas. APPELLES products are paraben free.

- Sourcing sustainable materials and techniques. We strive to use ingredients and innovations that will make a positive difference.

- Incorporating biodegradable materials and ingredients to our products.

- Adding natural, essential oil blends to our products.

- Upgrading to Certified Organic essential oil blends where possible.

- Applying an earth friendly approach to our design process, trying to minimise the amount of unnecessary packaging used.


APPELLES is a leading supplier of consumer goods providing Personal Care products in Australia and around the world.
We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with our products that are good for them and good for others to create a better future every day. As a result we strive to provide products that satisfy customer and consumer expectations and are safe in design, supply and use.
Our aim is to ensure that both quality and consumer safety are an integral part of creating and maintaining our brand as the preferred customer and consumer choice.


1. Comply with all applicable product and consumer safety legislation, and other requirements e.g. relevant industry standards, codes of practice, export requirements, relevant importing country.
2. Identify and evaluate potential quality and consumer safety hazards within our operations and those arising from change, and seek to eliminate or control them.
3. Set annual measurable objectives and targets for continuous improvement and provide sufficient resources to implement plans that address quality and consumer safety risks.
4. Maintain procedures and support systems to enable recall of product from the market place.
5. Maintain a formal Quality and Consumer Safety Management System which meets the needs of the business and customers e.g. based on ISO9001, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, APPELLES standards.
6. Provide appropriate training and education to all employees so that they understand their responsibility for Quality and Consumer Safety.
7. Disseminate relevant quality and consumer safety information to all employees, contractors, labour hire employees and visitors to the workplace.
8. Supply necessary product information to customers and consumers.
9. Work with our contract manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and customers to achieve quality and consumer safety improvements.
10. Anticipate and respond to developing issues and public concerns.
11. Ensure the Quality and Consumer Safety Policy is effectively implemented and publicly available.
12. We want our products to be safe for all consumers, including those with allergies. In addition to labelling products properly, we recognise that allergic consumers deserve choice. We avoid using “may contain “statements except where the product could pose a risk to people with skin allergy. We collaborate with scientists and allergy specialists to understand “how much is too much”, so we can refine our production processes to achieve levels that do not pose a risk.


Responsibility for the environment is of paramount importance to APPELLES. Every step in the process of designing and producing an APPELLES product incorporates procedures to minimise the impact on the environment.

All our paper packaging is fully biodegradable, made from recycled paper and/or sourced from sustainable forests. All printing is done using soy-based inks which are a renewable resource that are safe and produce fewer emissions.

Where plastics are required in our products, we ensure the use of recyclable PET and LDPE plastics.

All our plastics are treated with EcoPure®, an organic additive that causes the plastic to biodegrade when disposed of in a microbe rich environment such as landfill. Ecopure® requires the action of certain enzymes for the biodegradation process to begin, so plastics containing EcoPure® will never begin to biodegrade during normal use. Ingredients in EcoPure® allow the formation of a biofilm on the plastic. The biofilm is made up of colonies of microorganisms which penetrate the plastic, while other ingredients in EcoPure® expand the molecular structure making room for more microbes thereby speeding up the biodegradation process. The by-products of the process are non-toxic.

By adopting the above measures APPELLES ensures we have an immediate positive impact on the environment at the same time as reducing our carbon footprint.